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Название: Psychological features of conflict in the system of modern relations between Russians and Ukrainians
Авторы: Harkavets, Serhey
Ключевые слова: Social psychology
influence, idiosyncrasy, world image, conflict, psychological incompatibility
Дата публикации: 2016
Серия/номер: Tallin : EUREKA;
Краткий осмотр (реферат): In the article are considered the special features of relations between Russians and Ukrainians in the context of conflict, determined by the different attitude to the world integration processes. There was made an attempt of socio-psychological analysis of idiosyncrasy as the specific psychological state of individual, connected with rejection of everything that does not correspond to its world picture. There was determined that at the individual level idiosyncrasy is caused by the system of socio-psychological influences, that lower the abilities to critical thinking of individual, level the satisfaction of its need for comfort and safety. At the mass level idiosyncrasy is installed by the emotional background factors that condition the non-acceptance of the others’ preferences and emotional manifestations, connected with these preferences, in the sign and symbolic form. There were analyzed the causes and conditions of psychological incompatibility of Russians and Ukrainians, factors that influence installation of rejection and non-acceptance. There were accented the motivational aspects of life activity, interests, social sets and value orientations of Russians and Ukrainians, that are the most relevant constructs of their psychological incompatibility. There was considered the role of television as the most effective mass media that form the “enemy image” in the consciousness of audience, the uncompromising sets of idiosyncrasy character. There was determined that individuals with the low level of critical thinking and imagination that does not draw the distinct outlines are more subjected to the destructive influence of TV-hypnosis. There is stated that the measured information policy, where the cognitive and rational phenomena act as articulated aspects, is the effective instrument of preventing the appearance of psychological state of rejection and non-acceptance in the relations between Russians and Ukrainians.
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