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Title: Effect of transformation processes in the formation destructive values Ukrainian citizens
Authors: Garkavet's, Serhey
Keywords: Соціальна психологія, юридична психологія
corruption, identity, values, social and regulatory activity
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Луганськ : Вид-во СНУ ім. В. Даля
Citation: Garkavet's S. Effect of transformation processes in the formation destructive values Ukrainian citizens / S. Garkavet's //Теоретичні і прикладні проблеми психології : зб. наук. праць Східноукраїнського національного університету ім. В. Даля. − Луганськ : Вид-во СНУ ім. В. Даля, 2013 − №1(30). – С. 87-93.
Abstract: The article discusses the features of a personal value system in conditions of social transformations that have taken place in modern Ukraine. It was found that the negative impact of economic, political and legal aspects of the causes the appearance of a curved personal value system, which is a significant element of corruption. On the basis of value-determination of the value of the normative approach examined the relationship of the individual to modern aspects of his life. It was determined that corruption is a phenomenon that has become an objective value based on its penetration into all spheres of public life, and it becomes a significant factor for achieving personal goals. It was stated that the correlation of corruption with individual needs and objectives of activity of the subject makes the acquisition of its value the content and turning it into a personal value, originating in the psyche of an individual with a positive emotion corruption as instrumental value is merged with his cognition and is able to guide the activity of the individual in society. The proposed social and psychological measures that minimize the impact of corruption on economic and regulatory activity of the individual.
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