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Title: Rational choice of two-support spindles for machining centers with lubrication system
Authors: Кроль, О.С.
Krol, O.S.
Tsankov, P.
Соколов, В.І.
Соколов, В.И.
Sokolov, V.I.
Keywords: rational choice
spindle unit
lubrication system
declarative model
procedural model
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Rational choice of two-support spindles for machining centers with lubrication system / Oleg Krol, Petko Tsankov, Volodymyr Sokolov // EUREKA: Physics and Engineering. - 2018. - Number 3. - P.52-58.
Abstract: In the multivariate design mode, based on the effective parallel design facilities, the rational choice of the design of the two-support spindle for the machining center is the main aim of this article. A modified scheme for selecting a spindle unit is proposed, which reflects the procedure for the formation of its main components: "Representations on the Spindle Unit Variations" and "Representations on the Designer's preferences". A concept is introduced and a component of the selection scheme is described: "Procedural model", which makes it possible to realize the mechanism of forming preferences of the machine tool builder in the process of selecting the best design alternative. 3D models of the horizontal and vertical spindle heads for the multi-operation CNC machine are developed on the basis of the proposed modified scheme of rational choice. The analysis of various methods and technology of spindle units lubrication is presented and it is shown how the declarative (the most complete description of the methods and features of lubrication) representation in the selection of design priorities and the adoption of design solutions is used. The introduction of rational choice facilities into the practice of design activities in the field of machine tool building improves the efficiency of the multivariate design with a return character, significantly increasing the productivity of work and the quality of the design decisions.
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