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Title: Физико-химические свойства жидкого высокотемпературного теплоносителя. Расплав хлорида натрия
Authors: Тарасов, В.Ю.
Tarasov, V.Yu.
Keywords: пиролиз
жидкий высокотемпературный теплоноситель
liquid high-temperature heat carrier
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Технологический центр
Citation: Тарасов В. Ю. Физико-химические свойства жидкого высокотемпературного теплоносителя. Расплав хлорида натрия / В. Ю. Тарасов // Восточно-Европейский журнал передовых технологий. - Х.: Технологический центр, 2012. - № 6/6 (60). - С. 4-6
Abstract: Проведен анализ физико-химических свойств расплава хлорида натрия в условиях пиролиза природного газа и конверсии угля. Показана индифферентность расплава хлорида натрия в условиях процессов окисления и пиролиза. Установлено взаимодействие NaCl с водой при паровой конверсии угля
The high power intensity of the reactionary volume with constantly updating work surface of the contact and the chemical stability of the heat carrier make it possible to organize such processes as air oxidation, pyrolysis, conversion of organic and other carbon-containing compounds (solid fuels). The thermodynamic analysis shows that in the studied range of temperatures from 1070 to 1760 K with СН4, С, Н2, СО, О2 or СО2 molten sodium chloride is stable. At a temperature of 1110 ÷ 1360K and contact time 0.3 s the dehydration of natural gas was held. It was shown that hydrogen and carbon were generated with a particle size of 0,03; 14; 30 and 54 micrometers, and the bulk (~ 90%) is 30 nm. The interaction of methane and the reaction products (Н2 and С) with sodium chloride and sodium chloride containing compounds were not fixed. Similar results were obtained in the reactionary system with an excess of hydrogen and carbon. In the process of steam coal gasification in molten sodium chloride the destruction of water and the interaction of products with sodium chloride were not recorded. The observed interaction requires an adjustment of physical and chemical characteristics of the liquid high-temperature heat carrier
ISSN: 1729-3774
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Тарасов Вадим Юрійович

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