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Title: Diffusion of Circular Source in the Channels of Ventilation Systems
Authors: Sokolov, V.I.
Соколов, В.І.
Соколов, В.И.
Keywords: Ventilation systems
Turbulent flow
Bessel functions
Peclet diffusion number
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Sokolov V.I. Diffusion of Circular Source in the Channels of Ventilation Systems , Advances in Engineering Research and Application , Proceedings of the International Conference, ICERA 2018, LNNS 63, pp. 278–283, 2019. DOI :10.1007/978-3-030-04792-4_37
Abstract: The problem of impurity diffusion in the turbulent channel flows of ventilation systems is considered. The task is typical for ventilation systems of industrial enterprises, power units of nuclear plants, chemical industries, etc. The analytical solution of the diffusion equation for a plane circular source in a flow is obtained. The dependence for the dimensionless impurity concentration on the radius of the circular source and the Peclet diffusion number in the ventilation channel is presented. The analysis is made of the change in the concentration of the impurity from the distance to the source and the distribution of the concentration along the channel radius. Based on the conducted researches the recommendations on placement of means for controlling the concentration of impurities in the channels of ventilation systems are formed. Estimated the distance from the source, where an even concentration distribution is achieved, as well as the radius at which the actual impurity concentration corresponds to the average value.
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