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Title: The solid ingredient properties influence on the energy characteristic of the coal-water slurry fuel flow
Влияние свойств твердого компонента на энергетические характеристики потока водоугольного топлива
Вплив властивостей твердого компонента на енергетичні характеристики потоку водовугільного палива
Authors: Chernetska–Biletska, N.
Shvornikova, H.
Podoliak, K.
Kyrychko, S.
Miroshnykova, M.
Chernetskaya–Beletskaya, N.
Чернецька-Білецька, Н.Б.
Чернецкая-Белецкая, Н.Б.
Шворнікова, Г.М.
Шворникова, А.М.
Мірошникова, М.В.
Мирошникова, М.В.
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: The solid ingredient properties influence on the energy characteristic of the coal-water slurry fuel flow / Nataliia Chernetska–Biletska, Hanna Shvornikova, Kostiantyn Podoliak, Serhii Kyrychko, Mariia Miroshnykova // International Conference Essays of Mining Science and Practice. E3S Web of Conferences, 109 (2019), 00014. DOI :
Abstract: The article analyses the process of making the coal-water slurry fuel. The main factors influencing the slurry rheological characteristics and, therefore, energy costs during its transportation are determined. The main attention is paid to the original coal ash content efficiency influence on the energy characteristics of the coal-water slurry fuel. In the work, the transformations of classical rheological equations were carried out taking into account the experimental dependence of the coal-water fuel effective viscosity on the feedstock ash content. As a result of the conducted transformations the dependence to determine the specific pressure loss due to the feedstock ash content was obtained. This has enabled to supplement the eligibility determination techniques for the grade of the coal used as the feedstock for the preparation of the coal-water fuel with rational energy and rheological characteristics. To substantiate the theoretical calculations, the article presents the results of the experimental studies on the effect of coal ash content on the specific pressure losses.
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