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Title: Моделирование формирователя импульсов сварочного тока специальной формы
Authors: Паэранд, Ю.Э.
Потапов, В.Д.
Бондаренко, А.Ф.
Паеранд, Ю.Е.
Paerand, Yu.E.
Keywords: mathematical model
source of welding current
regulator of welding current
welding contour
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: Моделирование формирователя импульсов сварочного тока специальной формы / Ю. Э. Паэранд, В. Д. Потапов, А. Ф. Бондаренко
Abstract: Elements and parts of device for contact microwelding of forming the special law impulses are mod-eling in work. Describing dynamic descriptions of source of welding current expressions are got. The mathemati-cal models of regulator of welding current and elements of contour of feedback are offered. Mathematical de-scription of algorithm of forming of standard signal is got.
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