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Title: Means of Stimulating Regional Innovation Processes
Authors: Моргачов, І.В.
Моргачёв, И.В.
Morhachov, I.V.
Keywords: regional innovation processes
regional innovation fund
threshold of expediency of financing of the fund
a by-product of regional innovation processes
event tree
multiplier tax effect
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Association 1901 "SEPIKE"
Citation: Morhachov I. Means of Stimulating Regional Innovation Processes / Morhachov I. // Sepike Cloud. - 2020. - Edition 26. - Р. 73-81. URL:
Abstract: The article highlights the relevance of finding ways to support regional innovation processes. Measures to support regional innovation processes have been clarified, which also provides for determining the economic basis for funding support activities. As an economic basis for the financial support of the studied processes, part of their side result in the form of a multiplier tax effect is substantiated. The method of determining the value of the latter has been clarified. This method is based on the use of an event tree, which should be systematically refined. The method allows determining the share of investments in regional innovation processes, which are transformed into tax revenues and probabilities of corresponding events. Attention is drawn to the admissibility of objective error in such calculations. Its partial neutralization is possible through systematic work on collecting, analyzing and processing statistical information on regional innovation processes. Provision of financial support to regional innovation processes on an irrevocable basis for project promoters is justified. The methodological provisions of determining the threshold of expediency of financing of regional innovation funds are substantiated.
Description: The concept of organizational improvement of support for regional innovation processes has been clarified, which provides for determining the economic basis of their financial support and the features of its provision. As an economic basis for financial support for regional innovation processes, part of their side result in the form of a multiplier tax effect is substantiated. The methodological basis for determining such an effect is the formation and systematic refinement of the event tree, which determines the share of investments that, because of regional innovation processes, is transformed into tax revenues, as well as the probability of corresponding events. The organizational basis for improving support for regional innovation processes is the formation of structures (regional innovation funds) that systematically evaluate the side effect of such processes and provide financial support to the organizers of regional innovation projects on an irrevocable basis. No need for a refund of financial support is identified as a key condition for the success of the structures created. The condition is based on the idea that the main purpose of supporting regional innovation is to support the processes rather than the individual. In return, the return from regional innovation processes is implemented in the form of direct and indirect results in any case, even in the case of failure of individual innovation projects. As the return from the processes is in any case, then there is no requirement for a mandatory return from the individuals. In turn, financial support for the processes themselves is not possible without economic stimulation of the persons - organizers of regional innovation projects. The methodological approaches proposed to determine the feasibility of financing regional innovation funds allow for optimization of infrastructure support for regional innovation processes.
ISSN: 2196-9531
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Моргачов Ілля Вікторович

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