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Title: Dynamic Characteristics Of Rotary Motion Electrohydraulic Drive With Volume Regulation
Authors: Sokolov, V.I.
Krol, O.S.
Stepanova, O.
Tsankov, P.G.
Соколов, В.І.
Кроль, О.С.
Степанова, О.Г.
Соколов, В.И.
Keywords: electrohydraulic drive
hydraulic motor
rotation ve- locity
transient process
technological equipment
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Dynamic Characteristics Of Rotary Motion Electrohydraulic Drive With Volume Regulation / V. Sokolov, O. Krol, O. Stepanova, P. Tsankov // Comptes rendus de l’Acad´emie bulgare des Sciences. - 2020. - Tome 73, No 5. - P. 691-702. - DOI:10.7546/CRABS.2020.05.12
Abstract: The question of mathematical modelling for the dynamic characteristics of the rotary motion electrohydraulic drive for technological equipment with rotate motion of the output link is considered. The power part of the drive includes the main pump with adjustable working volume, the hydraulic motor, hydraulic equipment and auxiliary devices. The axial piston hydraulic ma- chine with inclined cylinder block or washer is used as the main pump. To develop the mathematical model, the settlement scheme is constructed and the main assumptions are formulated. The mathematical description of the work- ing processes taking place in an electrohydraulic drive with volume regulation is performed. The mathematical model takes into account the inertia of the ro- tating masses, as well as the compressibility of the working fluid in the pipelines and cavities of the pump and hydraulic motor. The mathematical model is lin- earized, transfer functions are obtained for the rotation angle and the rotation velocity of the hydraulic motor shaft by the inclination angle of the washer (cylinder block). To verify the adequacy of the mathematical model, the cal- culated and experimental transient processes for the angular rotation velocity of the shaft are compared when voltage is applied to the input of the hydraulic amplifier controlling the inclined washer (cylinder block). The positive result of verifying the adequacy of the mathematical model of the dynamic charac- teristics for the power part of the rotary motion electrohydraulic drive with volume regulation allows it to be used in further studies on the development of automatic control systems for technological equipment.
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