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Title: Management of agrarian production structures in the conditions of globalization processes
Authors: Бучнєв, М.М.
Buchniev, M.
Бучнев, М.М.
Ushkarenko, Yu.
Kusyk, N.
Mardani, Abbas
Solovyov, A.
Dankevich, A.
Nitsenko, V.
Ponomarova, M.
Gryshko, V.
Zos-Kior, M.
Kuksa, I.
Keywords: implementation
investment processes
land management
еuropean standards
global trends
LM system
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Bookmarked Publishing & Editing
Citation: Management of agrarian production structures in the conditions of globalization processes: monograph / [Maxym Buchniev, Yulia Ushkarenko, Nataliia Kusyk and other]. - Odessa - Kyiv - Skudai-Johor - Olsztyn : Bookmarked Publishing & Editing, 2019. - 218 p.
Abstract: Globalization processes requires flexible reaction on challenges of external environment and adaptation of enterprises to new economic conditions. Globalization if characterized by intensification of interrelations and interdependence of national economies. Development of world markets for goods, services, labor, capital in the conditions of globalization requires raising the competitiveness of enterprises and augmenting their stability on market, introduction of new instruments of management. The research of problem of globalization allows concluding that this is a multifaceted, difficult phenomenon with a variety of its manifestations, which sometimes have contradictory influence over economic processes. Globalization influences formation of demand and supply not only at international markets, but on markets of specific countries. The inefficient adaptation to the requirements of external environment leads to the loss of market positions, while re-building of organization structures, review of assortment policy, flexibility of managerial decisions contributes to the effective strategic development and increasing effectiveness of enterprises. One of the markets which are mostly influenced by globalization is the market for agrarian and food products which is characterized by higher degree of competition and influences ensuring food and economic safety of states. The study of forecasts for the economic, social, environmental and integrated efficiency of land management (here in after LM) of agricultural sector allow a formalized transition to the advanced world models of land-use. The state should operate with available tools, taking into consideration not only the economic laws, but also the trends and patterns that have been established at the level of world agricultural relations, including land relations. Evolution of processes with limited predictability requires a particular purpose and context that implies the harmonization of LM efficiency in domestic agricultural sector with globalization prospects. This context makes the logic of this study.
ISBN: 978-83-952465-3-1
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