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Title: Design Calculation of Automatic Rotary Motion Electrohydraulic Drive for Technological Equipment
Authors: Sokolov, V.I.
Porkuian, O.V.
Krol, O.S.
Stepanova, O.G.
Соколов, В.І.
Соколов, В.И.
Поркуян, О.В.
Кроль, О.С.
Степанова, О.Г.
Keywords: Engineering method
Volume regulation
Automatic control system
Dynamic characteristics
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Design Calculation of Automatic Rotary Motion Electrohydraulic Drive for Technological Equipment / Volodymyr Sokolov, Olga Porkuian, Oleg Krol, Oksana Stepanova // Advances in Design, Simulation and Manufacturing IV : DSMIE-2021, June 8–11, 2021, Lviv, Ukraine. – Springer, 2021. – Volume 1: Manufacturing and Materials Engineering. - P. 133-142. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-77719-7_14
Abstract: The article is devoted to the development of electrohydraulic drives for technological equipment. The engineering method for the design calculation of automatic electrohydraulic rotary motion drive with volume regulation was presented. This method allows evaluating the main parameters and choice drive elements and devices using the maximum load moment and hydraulic motor rotation velocity, predicting its static and dynamic characteristics. The electrohydraulic drive’s automatic control system was proposed considering the control object’s observation noise and stochastic perturbation. The example of design calculation for the automatic electrohydraulic drive parameters for technological equipment for the following input data was performed: maximum load moment Mma x = 120 N.m; maximum rotation frequency nmax = 2100 rpm; reduced inertia moment of the rotating parts J = 0,8 kg.m2. The possibility of using a serially produced axial piston-regulated pump with an inclined disk and an unregulated hydraulic motor with an inclined washer was shown. The drive’s mathematical model parameters as an object of automatic control were determined based on hydraulic machines’ passport data. The research of the system’s dynamic characteristics was carried out.
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Степанова Оксана Геннадіївна

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