Assurance of cutting tools reliability

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СНУ ім. В. Даля



The problems of assurance of cutting tools reliability are considered, features and recommendations for rational operation of cutting tools are described. Particular attention is paid to consideration of basic failures of cutting tool blades, and analysis of influence of tool geometry and cutting conditions on cutting tools operational properties. The data of role of surface reinforcement of tool materials in ensuring of high tool life are systematized. The experience of industry and modern scientific developments for assurance of reliability of main types of cutting tools: single point tools, drills and tools for related operations, milling cutters, gear and thread cutting tools, etc. are generalized.



Assurance of cutting tools reliability : monograph / Kharlamov Yu. A., Sokolov V. I., Krol O. S., Romanchenko O. V., Mitsyk A. V. ; Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian national University. – Severodonetsk : Publishing house of Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University, 2020. - 190 p. : tables 8., fig. 68., bibliographic 51 names.