Modelling And Calculation Of Machine Cutting Tools For Designers

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Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


The monograph deals with the design, calculation and modelling of gear cutting tools. Calculation forms are proposed for the creation of tools structures working by the methods of form-generating and form-copying. Three-dimensional and parametric models of worm wheel hob and worm spline cutters, shaper-type cutters and interlocking disk milling cutters in the environment of integrated CAD KOMPAS-3D and APM WinMachine using specialized applications “CAD Mills” have been built. Calculation forms for determining the geometric, kinematic and design parameters of worm wheel hob for the manufacture of spur and helical gears based on the original contour profile of a standardized gear rack are given. An interactive design of a worm wheel hob in the KOMPAS system was carried out. The design stage of determining the characteristics of the flank-shaped tooth profile modification to reduce the noise level and increase the service life of the gear transmission has been effectively implemented. An interactive procedure for designing a worm spline cutter in the KOMPAS environment for finishing spline shafts is proposed. At the stage of replacing the theoretical profile of the cutter tooth edge with an arc of one circle or tangent arcs of two circles, an express procedure for calculating the magnitude of the error is used. Computer design and research of the shaper-type cutter using the application program “Shaper cutter” in the KOMPAS-3D environment was performed. It is shown that for non-standard shaper-type cutters it is possible to use a standard helical copier of a gear shaping machine if the angle of teeth inclination is 150±0.50 or 230±0.50. A comprehensive study of interlocking disk milling cutters using the application program "Disk milling cutter" in the CAD KOMPAS contour was carried out. Parametric models of the disc cutter design are built using the syntax of the CAD APM WinMachine. The parametric models of a single- and double-relief tooth, as well as the involute profile of the tooth lateral surface, have been identified.




Krol O. Modelling And Calculation Of Machine Cutting Tools For Designers : monograph / Oleg Krol. – Sofia : Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2021. – 150 p.: Table 9. Figure 71. Bibliogr. 103 names. English language. DOI :