Machine Tool Spindle Dynamics For Designers

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Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


The monograph considers the problems of assessing the dynamic quality of projected metal-cutting machines, their shaping spindle units. The procedures for solving problems of dynamics by the method of initial parameters and transfer matrix are presented. The features of the spindle assembly formalization as an elastic system "Spindle-Arbor-Tool", with modeling the spindle joint with the conical connection of the arbor by the matrix of the elastic-friction hinge are considered. The problem of elastic-deformative description of the spindle-arbor link of high-speed machines is presented as a quasi-static problem, taking into account the action of inertial centrifugal forces and gyroscopic moments at a steady state of motion. The software has been developed for assessing the frequency characteristics of metal-cutting machines elastic systems in the mathematical environment MATLAB. A study of the stability of the spindle assembly using tools D-partitions based on the analysis of the number of roots of the characteristic equation. For leading designers and specialists in the field of machine tool system dynamics, researchers, teachers, graduate students and students.




Krol O. Machine Tool Spindle Dynamics For Designers : monograph / Oleg Krol. – Sofia : Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2020. – 143 p.: Table 10. Figure 62. Bibliogr. 87 names. English language. DOI 10.7546/MTSDD.2020