Some algorithms of computer algebra

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The article describes one of the methods for computing determinants without using fractions proposed by Bareiss. This problem has a clear algorithmic character in nature and refers to the field of computer algebra. The implementation of this algorithm is proposed in the known Maxima system of symbolic computations. In addition, this method makes it possible to get enough convenient formula for the calculation of the matrix of unitriangular transformation of a quadratic form to a canonical one.
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computer algebra, Maxima system, determinant, Bareiss algorithm, a quadratic form, unitriangular transformation
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Porkuian O. Some algorithms of computer algebra / O. Porkuian, A. Timoshyn, L. Timoshyna // ТЕKA. Commission of motorization and energetics in agriculture. – 2016. – Vol. 16, No.2. – Р. 33-36