Creation of the image of the new generation freight car bogie.


Analysis of the operating problems of freight car bogies are carried out, analysis of the reasons for low dynamic qualities, which do not allow to increase the speed of movement. The main directions of the development of the bogies constructions are substantiated. The image of the new generation freight car bogie is formulated based on analysis, ideas of car building projects using the method of intellectual decision support. Concept image and patented technical solutions for implementation are solving the problem of minimizing the weight of the bogie (increasing of coefficient of mass utilization) by using a modular design, application of elastic-damping structures, prestressed state of structural elements. Technical solutions improve the strength characteristic and dynamic properties of the freight car bogies on the basis of the above principles of engineering.




Gorbunov, M., Kara, S., Nozhenko, O., Fomin, O., Vaičiūnas, G., Petrenko, V. (2018). Creation of the image of the new generation freight car bogie. The proceedings of the 22nd International Scientific Conference. Transport Means 2018, 03-05 October, Trakai, Lithuania, 1277-1283.