Theoretical Aspects of Applied Transport Mechanics. Part 1

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СНУ ім. В. Даля
The monograph comprehensively defines theoretical designing principles for transport systems and mechanisms, as well as their individual components at the present stage. The results and peculiarities of the work conducted in terms of creation and investigation into carrying structures of transport facilities were previously published in some Ukrainian and international specialized editions, discussed and obtained approval at some international scientific and technical conferences. We wrote this book for scientists and engineers whose fields of the professional expertise are related to design and research of railway rolling stock, it also could be useful for the university teachers, students, post-graduate students of the named sphere.
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Theoretical Aspects of Applied Transport Mechanics. Part 1 : monograph / O.V. Fomin, M. I. Gorbunov, O. V. Burlutski, end other. – Sievierodonetsk : Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National Universit, 2019. – 198 p.